The smart object is a container designed to hold the layer’s contents. This container protects its content from harm. Users of the container can resize and scale it as per their needs. They can also apply warps, distortions, transformations and filters of the Photoshop to the smart object devoid of compromising the quality and making a permanent change to the layer inside it. This will help when you making logo animation.

There are different techniques used to make several copies of the smart object and display the same content, edit or replace such content and let such changes appear in all copies or any copy. All these favourable things associated with the smart objects encourage many professionals to use smart objects in Photoshop CC and enhance their project work further. It is the suitable time to find and make certain how to successfully use the smart objects and get the desired results.

Find and use the easy methods

Users of the Photoshop can convert a layer into a smart object. They are comfortable and happy about an easy way to convert an existing layer into a smart object. You can access the Layers panel and look at the image in the Background layer. You can use the Layer menu and create the smart object.

You have to choose the Smart Objects and then choose Convert to Smart Object.  You have to look again in your Layer panel and look at the smart object icon appeared in the lower right of the preview thumbnail of the layer.

You can use another method to create smart objects with Photoshop CC. You can click the menu icon in the upper right corner of your Layer panel and select the option Convert to Smart Object. You can also make the smart object from the layer itself by using the right-click in the Windows or Control-click in the Mac OS directly on the layer in your Layer panel.

Get the desired smart object

You may have any selection tools of the Photoshop active in the Toolbar. You can click the image in the document and select the option Convert to Smart Object from the list. The Magic Wand Tool does not include this option. You can open any new image as a smart object by using the Photoshop.

You have to choose the File menu and then open as a Smart Object. You can navigate to the image you wish to open and select it and click Open. This image opens in its own separate file.