Product is the thing that will be sold by the company to the public to make the purchase and this product comes to the market after the series of processing.

To bring the product to the selling section the management of the company have to make a series of decisions that include the categories of products, versions of products, and much more.

This is the place where the product mix vs product line concept arises.

To help you in making the understanding of concept difference between a product mix and a product line is explained detail in the below paragraphs;

What is the product mix?

The product mix as the name indicates is the mixing of products that is set of product and items which is offered by the seller for the customer sale.

product line

This product mix is also said to be as the product assortment and this product mix contains the various product lines together.

The product mix of the company will have a different width, depth, length, and consistency.

What is the product line?

The product line get differs from the product mix, they are the group of products that are closely related to one another and also perform a similar function.

At the same time, they also target similar customer groups, they also distributed through the same channels.

In the product line, the products offered by the company or brand will be similar and that can be easily sold for the same customers this to satisfy the customers.

For example, assume a brand under the one brand name you can see the variety of products and one among that is a phone, this is the product line.

Below the category of mobile phones, they offer different models to the different customers that are said to be the product line.

Final words

Through this article you can understand the concept when it comes to the product line vs product mix, so make use of it to grab the knowledge on the relevant topic.